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Known bugs (see also todo.txt)
- Calling SDL_SetVideoMode() with SDL 1.3 several times makes it crash.
- Calling SDL_Init()/SDL_Quit() several times will make SDL 1.2 crash.
- SDL_FillRect() does not work with SDL 1.2 in HW mode (and probably with SDL 1.3 too).
- 32-bpp color mode does not work with SW video surface, 24-bpp and 32-bpp mode does not work with SDL_HWSURFACE.
Requested features, might never get implemented, see todo.txt for features that are going to be implemented
- Select between normal mouse input and magnifying glass/relative input automatically, based on screen size.
- Show/hide screen controls with longpress on Text Edit button.
- Export phone vibrator to SDL - interface is available in SDL 1.3.
- Control screen brightness with SDL_SetGamma().
- Zoom in-out whole screen in SW mode with some SDL key or gesture, as in AndroidVNC.
- Resize default on-screen buttons for different screen sizes.
- OpenArena: chat text input should be faster.
- OpenArena: Shift and Ctrl keys on USB keyboard do not work for text input.
- OpenArena: When entering with USB keyboard into chatbox, first 't' disappears.
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