A Perl 6 implementation of Perl 6-style text formatting
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An implementation of Perl 6's Form module, as described by Exegesis 7 and Damian Conway's Perl6::Form module.

This is a WORK IN PROGRESS and most likely doesn't work at any given time.

2012-03-09 Current status: runs and passes all tests with Rakudo nom


* Data specified as lists
* Numeric fields with decimal separator and justification
* Numeric fields with thousands separators and justification
* Currencies
* Rendering of Complex numbers (currently restricted to Real)
* Everything else


You will need ufo in order to build Form. Install it using panda, or see http://github.com/masak/ufo. You will also need a suitable Perl 6 implementation, which at the time of writing is probably Rakudo Perl.

Once you have ufo installed, just run:

$ ufo
$ make
$ make test

Since Form is a library, 'running' is something that should not really have ever been mentioned.

Licensed under the Artistic Licence 2.0