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NQP's development release cycle is intimately tied to Rakudo's release cycle. There is no separate, independent release cycle for NQP.

Parrot is scheduled to release the third Tuesday of each month; Rakudo will generally issue its own development release soon after the scheduled Parrot release (usually within a few days). To accomplish this, NQP must be tagged for release immediately prior to the Rakudo release.

  1. Note: This step has changed starting in 2012.07.

    Check to see if tools/build/PARROT_REVISION needs to be bumped to a later Parrot release. If PARROT_REVISION already contains a Parrot release tag (e.g., RELEASE_3_9_0) then it does not need to be changed. If PARROT_REVISION refers to an interim commit, as in RELEASE_4_6_0-27-gda9adfa, then update PARROT_REVISION to contain the tag corresponding to Parrot's monthly release.

    To see a list of Parrot release tags, use git tag on an up-to-date Parrot repository.

    Once tools/build/PARROT_REVISION has been set to a Parrot release, it must not be changed (except to another Parrot release) until after the Rakudo release.

    MoarVM tries to have a synchronised release schedule with NQP and rakudo, so there's most probably a release tag for MoarVM that you can bump tools/build/MOAR_REVISION to. Release tags for MoarVM have the format 2014.02. Find all of the tags with git tag in an up-to-date MoarVM checkout.

  2. Change the VERSION file in nqp:
      $ echo '2012.12' > VERSION
      $ git commit -m 'bump VERSION to 2012.12' VERSION
      $ git push
  3. Make sure everything compiles and runs from a known clean state. This step is especially important if PARROT_REVISION and/or MOAR_REVISION were changed in step 1 above. Don't forget to build the JVM backend, as well.
      $ make realclean
      $ perl --gen-parrot --gen-moar --backend=parrot,moar,jvm
      $ make
      $ make test

    Resolve any problems that may still exist.

  4. Create a release tarball (needed for the Rakudo Star release) by entering make release VERSION=YYYY.MM, where YYYY.MM is the month for which the release is being made. This will create a tarball file named nqp-YYYY.MM.tar.gz.
  5. Unpack the tar file into another area, and test that it builds and runs properly using the same process in step 3 above. If there are any problems, fix them and go back to step 3.
  6. Tag NQP by its release month ("YYYY.MM")
      $ git tag -a -m"tag release YYYY.MM" YYYY.MM    # e.g., 2012.12
      $ git push --tags
  7. Upload the release tarball to
      $ scp nqp-2013.12.tar.gz

    If you do not have permissions for that, ask one of (pmichaud, jnthn, masak, tadzik, moritz, PerlJam) on #perl6 to do it for you.

  8. If creating the NQP release as part of a Rakudo release, continue with the Rakudo release process.
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