fix nqp for recent kill-useless-defaults merge in parrot #24

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The get_addr op no longer returns the address of objects that don't implement the get_pointer() vtable. A new op, get_id, has been implemented to handle nqp's use case.

Such instances of get_addr have been replaced by get_id.

An alternative to the provided patch might be to use Hashes with the key type 'Hash_key_type_PMC_ptr', which would avoid the need to mangle keys manually.

moritz commented Sep 21, 2011

Thanks for your patches, I've applied them to the new 'kill-useless-defaults' nqp branch, and bumped PARROT_REVISION in that branch.

I don't want to merge this into nqp/master until after the Rakudo release this month.

moritz commented Sep 21, 2011

Contrary to what I wrote in the beginning (where I accidentally used an older copy of rakudo), rakudo builds fine on this branch, and passes all spectests.

@tadzik tadzik merged commit c846f63 into perl6:master Oct 1, 2011
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