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ack 2.0 is a greplike tool optimized for programmers searching large heterogeneous trees of source code.
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dev Don't close standard output before exec in timings script
garage Add ack 2.14 to garage
t Add test for GH #571
xt fix indents
.ackrc Comment about intended audience of this .ackrc
.dir-locals.el Tell Emacs about ack's preferred indentation style
.gitignore Ignore generated completion scripts
.travis.yml Properly install Perl::Critic without tests on Travis Updating to 2.15_01 and 2015 in preparation for a release. Eliminate a lot of calls to File::Spec->splitpath Fix up block quotes
Changes Add bugfix to changelog Remove unused File::Spec usage. Squash together some code. Add --hpp option Check return value of close(), and be more lenient on comments in the… Unify --ignore-dir and --noignore-dir implementations another note Reference in the developer's guide Add a debugging module for Andy and my use Add default filter quieting more warnings Remove unused File::Spec usage. Squash together some code. Remove stringification overload for Filters Merging down the dev/ branch for 2.03_02. Many speedups get us to onl… Make all filter objects blessed hashes Added filter groups to speed up "is:" and "ext:" Use basename more Enable usage of IsPathGroup Add IsPathGroup module took out the blockquote
Makefile.PL Update to Getopt::Long 2.38 because of GetOptionsFromString Group matches into match groups Group matches into match groups add a link to Design Guide Add basename as an "abstract method" to Resource Ignore permission errors from File::Next when using -s
ack Perform necessary reverts for GH #572
perlcriticrc No checking on close/closedir
perltidyrc Add perlcritic and perltidy files from Ack1
record-options Check for coverage of extra options
squash Fixed the build process to not rely on perldoc -l to find File::Next
tack Fix argument expansion for tack
test-pager Add pager test

ack 2.0

ack is a code-searching tool, similar to grep but optimized for programmers searching large trees of source code. It runs in pure Perl, is highly portable, and runs on any platform that runs Perl.

ack is written and maintained by Andy Lester (


ack requires Perl 5.8.8 or higher. Perl 5.8.8 was released January 2006.

# Required
perl Makefile.PL
make test
sudo make install # for a system-wide installation (recommended)
# - or -
make ack-standalone
cp ack-standalone ~/bin/ack2 # for a personal installation

Build status: Build Status


Developer's Guide

Design Guide



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