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Option Values (default in bold) Description
minify true | false | Array Enable or disable minification. Optionally specify an array of advanced minification parameters. Currently the only advanced option is 'colors', which will compress all color values in any notation.
formatter block | single-line | padded Set the formatting mode. Overrides minify option if both are set.
newlines use-platform | windows/win | unix Set the output style of newlines
boilerplate true | false | Path Prepend a boilerplate to the output file
versioning true | false Append a timestamped querystring to the output filename
vars Array An associative array of CSS variables to be applied at runtime. These will override variables declared globally or in the CSS.
cache true | false Turn caching on or off.
output_dir Path Specify an output directory for compiled files. Defaults to the same directory as the host file.
output_file Output filename Specify an output filename (suffix is added).
asset_dir Path Directory for SVG and image files generated by plugins (defaults to the main file output directory).
stat_dump false | true | Path Save compile stats and variables to a file in json format.
vendor_target "all" | "moz", "webkit", ... | Array Limit aliasing to a specific vendor, or an array of vendors.
rewrite_import_urls true | false | "absolute" Rewrite relative URLs inside inlined imported files.
import_paths Array Additional paths to search when resolving relative import URLs.
plugins Array An array of plugin names to enable.
source_map true | false Output a source map (compliant with the Source Map v3 proposal).
context Path Context for importing resources from relative urls (Only applies to `csscrush_string()` and command line utility).
doc_root Path Specify an alternative server document root for situations where the CSS is being served behind an alias or url rewritten path.