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ColorConverter API

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request   To convert the colors, use the following get requests. You will get the response in JSON format.

Convert RGB,25,112

    "colorname": "midnightblue",
    "hex": "191970",
    "hsl": {
        "hue": 240,
        "saturation": 64,
        "luminance": 27
    "rgb": {
        "red": 25,
        "green": 25,
        "blue": 112

Convert color name

Convert HEX

Convert HSL,64,27

Each of the following requests returns only one value:

Convert RGB to HSL,25,112

Convert HSL to RGB,64,27

Convert color name to RGB

Convert RGB to color name,25,112

Convert RGB to HEX,25,112

Convert HEX to RGB


Licensed under the MIT License.

© Peter R. Stuhlmann Webentwicklung. All rights reserved.

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