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# Copyright (c) 2015 Christian Jaeger,
# This is free software, offered under either the same terms as perl 5
# or the terms of the Artistic License version 2 or the terms of the
# MIT License (Expat version). See the file that came
# bundled with this file.
=head1 NAME
PXML - functional XML handling, general functions
use PXML;
is_pxml_element P() # => 1
use PXML ":all";
pxmlbody ("foo")->string # => "foo"
General Functions for the PXML libraries.
=head1 SEE ALSO
L<PXML::Element>, L<PXML::Tags>, L<PXML::SVG>, L<PXML::XHTML>,
L<PXML::HTML5>, L<PXML::Util>, L<PXML::Serialize>,
package PXML;
@ISA="Exporter"; require Exporter;
@EXPORT_OK=qw(pxmlbody pxmlflush is_pxmlflush);
use strict; use warnings; use warnings FATAL => 'uninitialized';
use PXML::Element;
use FP::Predicates 'instance_of';
sub is_pxml_element ($); *is_pxml_element= instance_of("PXML::Element");
package PXML::Body;
# hacky?.
*string = *PXML::Element::string;
sub pxmlbody {
bless [@_], "PXML::Body"
my $flush= bless [], "PXML::Flush";
sub pxmlflush {
sub is_pxmlflush ($) {
my ($v)=@_;
ref $v and UNIVERSAL::isa($v, "PXML::Flush")
# XX make this cleaner:
# - make PXML::Body and PXML::Element inherit both from a base class
# - move `string` there (and perhaps all of serialization)
# - automatically use PXML::Body for bodies? (now that I moved away
# from requiring bodies to be arrays, though?)