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PassIFox extension for Firefox4+

Implements a transparent replacement for the built-in Firefox password storage

This extension is for use with KeePassHttp

The XPI can be installed using the link:




Download PassIFox and drag-n-drop it into your Firefox. The installation process should start.


There is no explicit configuration necessary. Only Remember passwords for sites in Firefox under Preferences > Security has to be enabled. PassIFox and KeePassHttp will communicate with each other on http://localhost:19455/

When a login form is discovered for the first time, PassIFox will initialize itself and request an "Association" with KeePass (KeePassHttp). Alternatively, for forms that do not fill automatically, a context menu item on text and password fields allow manually filling in a login.

Once that is completed, Firefox can freely retrieve passwords from KeePass. KeePass must be running and unlocked in order for passwords to be available.

Entries in KeePass can be stored as or just without any extra fluff. KeePassHttp will do the work to figure out what you want. There are some permissions things where KeePassHttp will notify you when passwords are requested and the hostnames do not exactly match. When those prompts occur, you can accept, deny and remember your choice.

For example, take the URL "" the entry in KeePass can be named,, or Any will match a request for passwords, but if the entry is named, and a request for comes from you will be prompted to approve the request, and if you like, you can choose to remember the selection so that you are not prompted again.

NOTE: Keep in mind, the field in which you put the names is the 'Title' field, and not 'URL'. Use 'URL' to store a shortcut link that will take you to your site. Use the 'Title' field to match sites for logins.