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<base> can be anywhere, not just in the <head> as per HTML5^H #69

mathiasbynens opened this Issue Feb 4, 2011 · 5 comments

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As the title says, <base> can be anywhere, not just in <head>:

It’s not conforming but it still happens, and the HTML spec now describes how UAs should handle it.

I noticed this might cause issues with some of the code in has.js.

jdalton commented Feb 4, 2011

I think you are getting ahead of current implementations.


I believe this is just standardizing what most browsers already support. The page I linked to mentions this is implemented in Firefox, IE, Opera and Safari. Here’s a quick test case:


IE7, IE8, IE9 and IE10pp1 seem to ignore the <base> entirely.

In Firefox, both images resolve to, i.e. the image with the “2” in it.

IE6 and most other browsers apply the <base> correctly, that is, only for references following the <base> in the source (not for the entire document).

jdalton commented Apr 26, 2011

Ya I left both images out of my dropbox so u could see when it was and wasn't working. Haven' tested IE9 yet.

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