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// Author: Phil Crosby
// Copyright (C) 2006 Phil Crosby
// Permission is granted to use, copy, modify, and merge copies
// of this software for personal use. Permission is not granted
// to use or change this software for commercial use or commercial
// redistribution. Permission is not granted to use, modify or
// distribute this software internally within a corporation.
namespace InstallPad.Properties
// This class allows you to handle specific events on the settings class:
// The SettingChanging event is raised before a setting's value is changed.
// The PropertyChanged event is raised after a setting's value is changed.
// The SettingsLoaded event is raised after the setting values are loaded.
// The SettingsSaving event is raised before the setting values are saved.
internal sealed partial class Settings {
public Settings() {
// // To add event handlers for saving and changing settings, uncomment the lines below:
// this.SettingChanging += this.SettingChangingEventHandler;
// this.SettingsSaving += this.SettingsSavingEventHandler;
private void SettingChangingEventHandler(object sender, System.Configuration.SettingChangingEventArgs e) {
// Add code to handle the SettingChangingEvent event here.
private void SettingsSavingEventHandler(object sender, System.ComponentModel.CancelEventArgs e) {
// Add code to handle the SettingsSaving event here.
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