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Changelog for v1.6

Phoenix v1.6 requires Elixir v1.9+.



  • [Endpoint] Allow custom error response from socket handler
  • [Endpoint] Do not require a pubsub server in the socket (only inside channels)
  • [mix] Add description to Ecto telemetry metrics
  • [mix] Use Ecto.Adapters.SQL.Sandbox.start_owner!/2 in generators - this approach provides proper shutdown semantics for apps using LiveView and Presence

Bug fixes

  • [mix] Fix a bug where tests with utc_datetime fields did not pass out of the box


  • [Endpoint] Phoenix now requires Cowboy v2.7+
  • [View] @view_module is deprecated in favor of Phoenix.Controller.view_module/1 and @view_template is deprecated in favor of Phoenix.Controller.view_template/1


The CHANGELOG for v1.5 releases can be found in the v1.5 branch.

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