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Changelog for v1.4

Cowboy 2 support

TODO: Write about how to use Cowboy 2

The Socket <-> Transport contract

We have used the opportunity of writing the new Cowboy 2 adapter to do an overhaul in how Phoenix.Socket interacts with transports. The result is a new API that makes it very easy to implement new transports and also allows developers to provide custom socket implementations without ceremony. For example, if you would like to have direct control of the socket and bypass the channel implementation completely, it is now very straight-forward to do so. See the Phoenix.Socket.Transport behaviour for more information.

This overhaul means that the transport/3 macro in Phoenix.Socket is deprecated. Instead of defining transports in your socket.ex file:

transport :websocket, Phoenix.Transport.Websocket,
  key1: value1, key2: value2, key3: value3

transport :longpoll, Phoenix.Transport.LongPoll,
  key1: value1, key2: value2, key3: value3

Configurations must be applied directly in your endpoint file via the Phoenix.Endpoint.socket/3 macro:

socket "/socket", MyApp.UserSocket,
  websocket: [key1: value1, key2: value2, key3: value3],
  longpoll: [key1: value1, key2: value2, key3: value3]

Note the websocket/longpoll configuration given to socket/3 will only apply after you remove all transport/3 calls from your socket definition. If you have explicitly upgraded to Cowboy 2, any transport defined with the transport/3 macro will be ignored.

The old APIs for building transports are also deprecated. The good news is: adapting an existing transport to the new API is a less error prone process where you should mostly remove code.



  • [ChannelTest] Respect user's configured ExUnit :assert_receive_timeout for macro assertions
  • [Controller] Support partial file downloads with :offset and :length options to send_download/3
  • [Controller] Add additional security headers to put_secure_browser_headers (x-content-type-options, x-download-options, and x-permitted-cross-domain-policies)
  • [Controller] Add put_router_url/2 to override the default URL generation pulled from endpoint configuration
  • [Endpoint] Add Cowboy2Adapter for HTTP2 support with cowboy2
  • [Endpoint] The socket/3 macro now accepts direct configuration about websockets and longpoll
  • [Endpoint] Support MFA function in :check_origin config for custom origin checking
  • [Endpoint] Add new :phoenix_error_render instrumentation callback
  • [Logger] Add whitelist support to filter_parameters logger configuration, via new :keep tuple format
  • [Phoenix] Add Phoenix.json_library/0 and replace Poison with Jason for JSON encoding in new projects
  • [Router] Display list of available routes on debugger 404 error page
  • [Router] Raise on duplicate plugs in pipe_through scopes
  • [Presence] Add Presence.get_by_key to fetch presences for specific user

Bug Fixes

  • [Channel] Fix issue with WebSocket transport sending wrong ContentLength header with 403 response
  • [Router] Fix forward aliases failing to expand within scope block


  • [Controller] Passing a view in render/3 and render/4 is deprecated in favor of put_view/2
  • [Endpoint] The :handler option in the endpoint is deprecated in favor of :adapter
  • [Socket] transport/3 is deprecated. The transport is now specified in the endpoint
  • [Transport] The transport system has seen an overhaul and been drastically simplified. The previous mechanism for building transports is still supported but it is deprecated. Please see Phoenix.Socket.Transport for more information installer

  • Generate new Elixir 1.5+ child spec (therefore new apps require Elixir v1.5)
  • Use webpack for asset bundling

JavaScript client

  • Add new instance-based Presence API with simplified synchronization callbacks
  • Accept a function for socket and channel params for dynamic parameter generation when connecting and joining
  • Fix race condition when presence diff arrives before state


The CHANGELOG for v1.3 releases can be found in the v1.3 branch.