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I am using Parse.com to send push messages to my Ionic app. Therefore, I am using their senderID.

var push = PushNotification.init({
    "android": {
        "senderID": "1076345567071"
    "ios": {
        "alert": "true",
        "badge": "true",
        "sound": "true"

The onRegistration event does fire for Android, but the registrationId field is empty, so I am unable to receive push notifications.


@brambogaerts Don't use the senderID from Parse. Use the GCM one you had to provide to Parse.



@macdonst Thanks for your speedy reply. However, I have created a new app from scratch to test with, and used my own senderID I provided to Parse, and I still get the same results...


As I was looking through the log items, I found this:
E/PushPlugin: execute: Got JSON Exception TIMEOUT
Internet connection is working.


@brambogaerts I am unable to reproduce your problem. Got a reproduction scenario/code I can look at?


Well, the problem fixed itself. Somewhere between cleaning all kinds of caches and reinstalling every part imaginable, I managed to get the correct ID. Thanks for your response!


Closing, re-open if you can reproduce.

@macdonst macdonst closed this Oct 27, 2015

Colleague of @brambogaerts here... Since we have bad wifi reception in the space we're working we setup a wifi using OS X's Internet Sharing. Somehow this is related to this problem as we got a real registrationId when we connected to a proper router... @macdonst any idea how that could be possible?


@thomasjonas sorry no. Networking is like black magic to me. Especially when you get into connection sharing and captive gateways.

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