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?? ??? 2014, PHP 5.6.0 Beta 1
27 Feb 2014, PHP 5.6.0 Alpha 3
- Core
. Expose get_debug_info class hook as __debugInfo() magic method. (Sara)
. Implemented unified default encoding
(RFC: (Yasuo Ohgaki)
- Curl
. Check for openssl.cafile ini directive when loading CA certs. (Daniel Lowrey)
. Remove cURL close policy related constants as these have no effect and are
no longer used in libcurl. (Chris Wright)
- Fileinfo
. Upgraded to libmagic-5.17 (Anatol)
. Fixed bug #66731 (file: infinite recursion). (CVE-2014-1943) (Remi)
- FPM:
. Added clear_env configuration directive to disable clearenv() call.
(Github PR# 598, Paul Annesley)
- GD:
. Fixed imagettftext to load the correct character map rather than the last one.
. Fixed bug #66714 ( imageconvolution breakage). (Brad Daily)
. Fixed bug #65753 (JsonSerializeable couldn't implement on module extension)
- OPCache
. Added function opcache_is_script_cached(). (Danack)
. Added information about interned strings usage. (Terry, Julien, Dmitry)
- Openssl
. Fallback to Windows CA cert store for peer verification if no openssl.cafile
ini directive or "cafile" SSL context option specified in Windows.
(Chris Wright)
. The openssl.cafile and openssl.capath ini directives introduced in alpha2
now have PHP_INI_PERDIR accessibility (was PHP_INI_ALL). (Daniel Lowrey)
. New "peer_name" SSL context option replaces "CN_match" (which still works
as before but triggers E_DEPRECATED). (Daniel Lowrey)
. Fixed segfault when accessing non-existent context for client SNI use
(Daniel Lowrey)
. Fixed bug #66501 (Add EC key support to php_openssl_is_private_key).
(Mark Zedwood)
. Fixed Bug #47030 (add new boolean "verify_peer_name" SSL context option
allowing clients to verify cert names separately from the cert itself).
"verify_peer_name" is enabled by default for client streams.
(Daniel Lowrey)
. Fixed Bug #65538 ("cafile" SSL context option now supports stream
wrappers). (Daniel Lowrey)
. New openssl_get_cert_locations() function to aid CA file and peer
verification debugging. (Daniel Lowrey)
. Encrypted stream wrappers now disable TLS compression by default.
(Daniel Lowrey)
. New "capture_session_meta" SSL context option allows encrypted client and
server streams access to negotiated protocol/cipher information.
(Daniel Lowrey)
. New "honor_cipher_order" SSL context option allows servers to prioritize
cipher suites of their choosing when negotiating SSL/TLS handshakes.
(Daniel Lowrey)
. New "single_ecdh_use" and "single_dh_use" SSL context options allow for
improved forward secrecy in encrypted stream servers. (Daniel Lowrey)
. New "dh_param" SSL context option allows stream servers control over
the parameters when negotiating DHE cipher suites. (Daniel Lowrey)
. New "ecdh_curve" SSL context option allowing stream servers to specify
the curve to use when negotiating ephemeral ECDHE ciphers (defaults to
NIST P-256). (Daniel Lowrey)
. New "rsa_key_size" SSL context option gives stream servers control
over the key size (in bits) used for RSA key agreements. (Daniel Lowrey)
. Crypto methods for encrypted client and server streams now use
bitwise flags for fine-grained protocol support. (Daniel Lowrey)
. Added new tlsv1.0 stream wrapper to specify TLSv1 client/server method.
tls wrapper now negotiates TLSv1, TLSv1.1 or TLSv1.2. (Daniel Lowrey)
. Encrypted client streams now enable SNI by default. (Daniel Lowrey)
. Encrypted streams now prioritize ephemeral key agreement and high strength
ciphers by default. (Daniel Lowrey)
. New OPENSSL_DEFAULT_STREAM_CIPHERS constant exposes default cipher
list. (Daniel Lowrey)
. New STREAM_CRYPTO_METHOD_* constants for enhanced control over the crypto
methods negotiated encrypted server/client sessions. (Daniel Lowrey)
. Encrypted stream servers now automatically mitigate potential DoS vector
arising from client-initiated TLS renegotiation. New "reneg_limit",
"reneg_window" and "reneg_limit_callback" SSL context options for custom
renegotiation limiting control. (Daniel Lowrey)
- Pgsql:
. pg_insert()/pg_select()/pg_update()/pg_delete() are no longer EXPERIMENTAL.
. Impremented FR #25854 Return value for pg_insert should be resource instead of bool.
. Implemented FR #41146 - Add "description" with exteneded flag pg_meta_data().
pg_meta_data(resource $conn, string $table [, bool extended])
It also made pg_meta_data() return "is enum" always.
13 Feb 2014, PHP 5.6.0 Alpha 2
- Core:
. Added T_POW (**) operator
(RFC: (Tjerk Meesters)
- mysqli
. Added new function mysqli_get_links_stats() as well as new INI variable
mysqli.rollback_on_cached_plink of type bool (Andrey)
. Upgraded to PCRE 8.34. (Anatol)
- ldap
. Added new function ldap_modify_batch(). (Ondrej Hosek)
- Openssl
. Peer certificates now verified by default in client socket operations
(RFC: (Daniel Lowrey)
. New openssl.cafile and openssl.capath ini directives. (Daniel Lowrey)
23 Jan 2014, PHP 5.6.0 Alpha 1
- CLI server:
. Added some MIME types to the CLI web server. (Chris Jones)
- Core:
. Improved IS_VAR operands fetching. (Laruence, Dmitry)
. Improved empty string handling. Now ZE uses an interned string instead of
allocation new empty string each time. (Laruence, Dmitry)
. Implemented internal operator overloading
(RFC: (Nikita)
. Made calls from incompatible context issue an E_DEPRECATED warning instead
of E_STRICT (phase 1 of RFC:
. Uploads equal or greater than 2GB in size are now accepted.
(Ralf Lang, Mike)
. Reduced POST data memory usage by 200-300%. Changed INI setting
always_populate_raw_post_data to throw a deprecation warning when enabling
and to accept -1 for never populating the $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA global
variable, which will be the default in future PHP versions. (Mike)
. Implemented dedicated syntax for variadic functions
(RFC: (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #50333 Improving multi-threaded scalability by using
emalloc/efree/estrdup (Anatol, Dmitry)
. Implemented constant scalar expressions (with support for constants)
(RFC: (Bob)
. Fixed bug #65784 (Segfault with finally). (Laruence, Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #66509 (copy() arginfo has changed starting from 5.4). (willfitch)
- cURL:
. Implemented FR #65646 (re-enable CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION with open_basedir
or safe_mode). (Adam)
- GMP:
. Moved GMP to use object as the underlying structure and implemented various
improvements based on this.
(RFC: (Nikita)
. Added gmp_root() and gmp_rootrem() functions for calculating nth roots.
- Hash:
. Added gost-crypto (CryptoPro S-box) GOST hash algo. (Manuel Mausz)
. Fixed case part of bug #64874 ("json_decode handles whitespace and
case-sensitivity incorrectly")
- mysqlnd:
. Disabled flag for SP OUT variables for 5.5+ servers as they are not natively
supported by the overlying APIs. (Andrey)
- OPcache:
. Added an optimization of class constants and constant calls to some
internal functions (Laruence, Dmitry)
. Added an optimization pass to convert FCALL_BY_NAME into DO_FCALL.
(Laruence, Dmitry)
. Added an optimization pass to merged identical constants (and related
cache_slots) in op_array->literals table. (Laruence, Dmitry)
. Added script level constant replacement optimization pass. (Dmitry)
- Openssl:
. Added crypto_method option for the ssl stream context. (Martin Jansen)
. Added certificate fingerprint support. (Tjerk Meesters)
. Added explicit TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 stream transports. (Daniel Lowrey)
. Fixed bug #65729 (CN_match gives false positive). (Tjerk Meesters)
. Peer name verification matches SAN DNS names for certs using
the Subject Alternative Name x509 extension. (Daniel Lowrey)
. Fixed segfault when built against OpenSSL>=1.0.1 (Daniel Lowrey)
. Added SPKAC support. (Jason Gerfen)
- PDO_pgsql:
. Fixed Bug #42614 (PDO_pgsql: add pg_get_notify support). (Matteo)
. Fixed Bug #63657 (pgsqlCopyFromFile, pgsqlCopyToArray use Postgres < 7.3
syntax). (Matteo)
- phpdbg:
. Included phpdbg sapi (RFC:
(Felipe Pena, Joe Watkins and Bob Weinand)
- pgsql:
. pg_version() returns full report which obtained by PQparameterStatus().
. Added pg_lo_truncate(). (Yasuo)
. Added 64bit large object support for PostgreSQL 9.3 and later. (Yasuo)
- Session:
. Fixed Bug #65315 (session.hash_function silently fallback to default md5)
. Implemented Request #54649 (Create session_serializer_name()). (Yasuo)
. Implemented Request #17860 (Session write short circuit). (Yasuo)
. Implemented Request #20421 (session_abort() and session_reset() function).
. Implemented Request #11100 (session_gc() function). (Yasuo)
- Standard:
. Implemented FR #65634 (HTTP wrapper is very slow with protocol_version
1.1). (Adam)
. Implemented Change crypt() behavior w/o salt RFC. (Yasuo)
. Implemented request #49824 (Change array_fill() to allow creating empty
array). (Nikita)
- XMLReader:
. Fixed bug #55285 (XMLReader::getAttribute/No/Ns methods inconsistency).
- Zip:
. update libzip to version 1.11.2.
PHP don't use any ilibzip private symbol anymore. (Pierre, Remi)
. new method ZipArchive::setPassword($password). (Pierre)
. add --with-libzip option to build with system libzip. (Remi)
. new methods:
ZipArchive::setExternalAttributesName($name, $opsys, $attr [, $flags])
ZipArchive::setExternalAttributesIndex($idx, $opsys, $attr [, $flags])
ZipArchive::getExternalAttributesName($name, &$opsys, &$attr [, $flags])
ZipArchive::getExternalAttributesIndex($idx, &$opsys, &$attr [, $flags])
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