Sending a message

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There are a couple ways to send a message using Shoryuken.

Using perform_async:


it also accepts a Hash as a parameter, which is automatically converted into JSON:

MyWorker.perform_async(field: 'test', other_field: 'other')

it's also possible to override where the job is queued to with an options hash:

MyWorker.perform_async('Pablo')                     # will queue to the default queue
MyWorker.perform_async('Pablo', queue: 'important') # will queue to the 'important' queue

Or using the queue object directly , which wraps Aws::SQS::Client:

# To send a single message
Shoryuken::Client.queues('default').send_message('msg 1')

# To send a single message as a Hash you need to put it in a hash with `message_body` as the key.
Shoryuken::Client.queues('default').send_message(message_body: { example: "data" })

# To send multiple messages
Shoryuken::Client.queues('default').send_messages(['msg 1', 'msg 2'])

Sending a message directly for ActiveJob workers

In the case that the job message is generated outside of your Rails Shoryuken via ActiveJob environment (like from a serverless function), you can still send a message to be processed by your workers.

queue_name = 'my-queue'

job_args = {
  "job_class": "MyActiveJob",
  "job_id": SecureRandom.uuid,
  "provider_job_id": nil,
  "queue_name": queue_name,
  "priority": nil,
  "arguments": [
      "arg1": 'arg1 value',
      "arg2": 'arg2 value',
      "arg3": 'arg3 value',
      "_aj_symbol_keys": [
  "executions": 0,
  "locale": "en"

message = { 
  message_body: job_args,
  message_attributes: {
    shoryuken_class: {
      string_value: 'ActiveJob::QueueAdapters::ShoryukenAdapter::JobWrapper',
      data_type: "String"


Delaying a message

You can delay a message up to 15 minutes.

MyWorker.perform_in(60, 'Pablo') # 60 seconds
MyWorker.perform_at(, 'Pablo')

AWS credentials

Check AWS credentials to make sure you have your aws-sdk before sending messages.

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