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Build 25 v0.4.6 10/19/12 Gotta start a log. Refactored items to be in groups, bugfixes for same.
Build 26 v0.4.7 10/19/12 Timestamp, added orphan-catching group, fixed LBM bug, need to work on mutex next.
Build 27 0.4.8 10/19/12 ZoomDensity in webview to fix horizontal image scrolling
Build 28 10/19/12 Added about activity.
Build 29 10/19/12 Added 'remind me in a week' function in item view.
Build 30 10/12 Move zoomfar to options menu - really needs to move to action bar
Build 33 10/23/12 Bugfix in server sync - trying to fix duplicate items bug.
Build 34 10/24/12 Added async check-login that does a quick token verification
Build 35 v0.5.1 10/24 New sync old-vs-new logic, rearrange item display a bit, add author. Added up navigation, fixed some bugs.
Build 36 v0.5.2 10/25 Adding favicons, fetch, parse and display in item view.
Build 37 10/25 Fix for calculating next index in items view for when data is updated on the fly. HTML-ized about page.
Build 38 10/26 Disabled favicons for now - works but meh. Debugging duplicate items.
Build 39 10/27 b38 is stable and no duplicates, so now back to features - clean up items list only when all done, so I can add a 'previous' button
Build 40 v0.6.0 10/28/12 Cleaning up code for Google Play release; counts and duplicates both fixed. Comment and code cleanups. About page->github.
Build 41 v0.6.1 10/31/12 Fixing login bug reported by Mike Kuketz.
Build 42 v0.6.2 11/2/12 Bugfix for resume when group is all read.
Build 42 v0.7.0 11/3/12 New icon, temporary while iconfactory order is delivered.
Build 44 v0.7.1 11/5/12 Icon from IconFactory, not sure it'll look better but I've already paid, sigh.
Build 45 v0.7.2 11/7/12 New icon from
Build 46 v0.7.3 11/8/12 Collapse sharing menu
Build 48 v0.7.5 11/14/12 Added new items view - red source and timestamp, grey-colored for read items.
Build 49 v0.7.6 11/14/12 Fix for crash report dated 11/10/12.
Build 50 v0.8.0 11/26/12 Fix for itemsdisplay - bug when data updated in service, bad indexing. Adding 'ellipsize' to items. Bump target api. allow backups.
Build 51 v0.8.1 12/3/12 Adding postItem with URL rewriting. Fix next-item bugs. Brand new item list layout.
Build 52 v0.8.2 12/8/12 Delta from on Sparks. Minor view reformat on item title. More strings into XML for later translation.
Build 53 v0.8.3 12/14/12 Adding preferences for update interval, also network-state monitor. Should skip downloads when offline.
Build 54 v0.8.4 12/18/12 Fixes for two crashes as reported by users. Remove login check, causes errors when offline. Add net status to About page.
Build 55 v0.8.5 12/28/12 Fixes from MoriTanosuke - pref to disable Sparks and a crash fix.
Build 56 v0.8.6 1/2/13 Crash fix.
Build 57 v0.8.7 1/4/12 Working on menus and action bar. Holo Light theme, new icons for menu items, tweaks to about page.
Build 58 v0.8.8 1/5/12 Action bar and icons for main screen, trying for better discoverability. Tweaked action bar in item view.
Build 60 v0.9.0 1/13/13 Added http response cache, dropped net status receiver, changing http client and starting SSL work.
Build 61 v0.9.1 1/14/13 Bugfixes to new comms code - need to push variables into payload on some calls; Fever bug. Mark-as-read now fixed.
Build 62 v0.9.2 1/18/13 Crash fix, added update interval to About page.
Build 63 3/1/13 Try disabling response cache - seeing a failure mode in the logs of "hostname was not verified"
Build 64 v0.9.3 3/18/13 Merged pull request #10, kindling. Adding code to mark synthetic groups as read.
Build 65 v0.9.4 4/24/13 Trying to fix bug #14 - resource leak. Changing the REST/URL code.
Build 66 v0.9.5 10/13/13 Trying to fix bug #14 / #20 - adding force-quit menu option as workaround. Really annoying.
Build 67 v1.0.0a 10/24/13 Adding ContentProvider for Items.