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Phunware Mapping SDK for Android
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MaaS Mapping SDK for Android

Version 3.9.9


This is Phunware's Android SDK for Mapping. Visit for more details and to sign up.

PWMapKit is a comprehensive indoor mapping and wayfinding SDK that allows easy integration with Phunware's indoor maps and location-based services.

Build requirements

  • Android SDK 4.0.3+ (API level 15) or above


Android MaaS Mapping Documentation

Developer documentation can be found at


MaaS Mapping uses the following third party components.

Component Version Description License
Picasso 2.5.2 A powerful image downloading and caching library for Android Apache 2.0
AndroidSVG 1.4 An SVG parser and renderer for Android Apache 2.0
okhttp 3.10.0 An HTTP+HTTP/2 client for Android and Java applications by Square, Inc. Apache 2.0
moshi 1.6.0 A modern JSON library for Android and Java by Square, Inc. Apache 2.0
DiskLruCache 2.0.2 Java implementation of a Disk-based LRU cache which specifically targets Android compatibility. Apache 2.0


You understand and consent to Phunware’s Privacy Policy located at If your use of Phunware’s software requires a Privacy Policy of your own, you also agree to include the terms of Phunware’s Privacy Policy in your Privacy Policy to your end users.


Use of this software requires review and acceptance of our terms and conditions for developer use located at

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