PhySH (Physics Subject Headings) is a physics classification scheme developed by the American Physical Society to organize journal, meeting, and other content by topic.
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PhySH - Physics Subject Headings

PhySH is provided in RDF largely using the entities and relationships defined by SKOS. We have added to the RDF vocabulary using a custom ontology with canonical URI (prefix "physh_rdf" in what follows) - this defines the following classes:

  • physh_rdf:Discipline as type for disciplines; these are also of type skos:ConceptScheme
  • physh_rdf:Facet as type for facets; these are also of type skos:Concept
  • physh_rdf:Concept skos:Concept's that are not facets.

and the following properties:

  • physh_rdf:contains - facet contains this concept
  • physh_rdf:deprecated - concept should no longer be used
  • physh_rdf:excludeFromIndexing - concept should not be returned as a search result
  • physh_rdf:hasConcept - discipline has this concept
  • physh_rdf:inDiscipline - concept is in a particular discipline
  • physh_rdf:inFacet - concept is in a particular facet
  • physh_rdf:prefLabel - like skos:prefLabel, but applies to concept schemes also
  • physh_rdf:usedByDiscipline - facet is used by this discipline
  • physh_rdf:usesFacet - discipline uses this facet

Note that contains and inFacet are inverses, as are hasConcept and inDiscipline, and usedByDiscipline and usesFacet; the PhySH RDF files include both sides of these relations. We also use the Dublin core terms vocabulary ( - dcterms) to provide metadata for the concept schemes/disciplines.