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The following instructions have been tested on cloud9 ide. You may have challenges on other platforms.

Deploy First (Start with an existing deployment)

We assume that you've followed the README or QUICKSTART instructions and have done an initial deployment using dotcloud push

Install Developer tools

The following commands will install the developer tools including zopeskel and dotcloud

easy_install pip
pip install -r requirements.txt

Activate aliases

source aliases

Create your first package in the 'src' directory

cd src
zopeskel dexterity

when prompted name it 'dex.example' and accept all defaults (Using the name 'dex.example' will save you a bit of time since we already have the required lines commented in the add-ons.cfg file). Then return to the parent directory

cd ../

Edit the add-ons.cfg file

Add your new package to the add-ons.cfg file, it should look like this:

extensions += mr.developer buildout.dumppickedversions
auto-checkout = 
eggs += 
# assumes that packages are added to the src/ directory
dex.example = fs dex.example

Clean Deploy to dotcloud (this will wipe your dotcloud instance)

This step pushes your new dex.example package to dotcloud, wipes the dotcloud instance and installs a brand new clean Plone with your package.

dotcloud push

Deploy on existing instance (deploy without wiping)

This is useful in scenarios where yo don not want to wipe the data from your dotcloud service. A common scenario is when you're making quick changes to your code.

plonepush src
plonepush add-ons.cfg


Visit your Plone site in your web browser at http://{yourinstance}-{useraccount} and log in. Use the following credentials:

username: admin
password: admin

Browse to the add-ons section and install

In your plone site go to Site-Setup > Add-ons and install your new package.

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