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Release History

  • 20190220, V0.9.46

    • Added module alias for 'i18n' to support plugins requiring it via pimatic env, thanks @madison5 for highlighting this issue with pimatic-fronius-solar
  • 20190213, V0.9.45

    • Upgraded to sqlite3@4.0.4 which is required to support node v10
    • Updated dependencies.
  • 20190128, V0.9.44

    • Migrated to lodash 4
    • Now using a derivation of i18n o work-around installation issues
  • 20180626, V0.9.43

    • Added log output for Node.js and OpenSSL version on startup
    • Include id on "device not found" error, issue #1100
    • Added new functions: sign, trunc, diffDate, log
    • Replaced deprecated defineGetter feature with Object.defineProperty() API
    • Removed gittip badge as Gittip/Gratipay went out of business