Prometheus instrumentation library for Rust applications
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Prometheus Rust client library

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This is the Rust client library for Prometheus. The main Structures and APIs are ported from Go client.


  • Add this to your Cargo.toml:

    prometheus = "0.2"
  • Add this to your crate in

    extern crate prometheus
  • Or enable nightly feature for better performance.

    git = ""
    default-features = false
    features = ["nightly"]


use prometheus::{Opts, Registry, Counter, TextEncoder, Encoder};

// Create a Counter.
let counter_opts = Opts::new("test_counter", "test counter help");
let counter = Counter::with_opts(counter_opts).unwrap();

// Create a Registry and register Counter. 
let r = Registry::new();

// Inc.;

// Gather the metrics.
let mut buffer = vec![];
let encoder = TextEncoder::new();
let metric_familys = r.gather();
encoder.encode(&metric_familys, &mut buffer).unwrap();

// Output to the standard output.
println!("{}", String::from_utf8(buffer).unwrap());

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