XVDR doesn't play video from PVRInput-plugin channels #58

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I have VDR with the pvrinput plugin and use it with a Hauppauge HD-PVR and cable box.
It tunes fine with streamdev player on my Android phone and works ok with VDR-SXFE, but when I try to play using XBMC/XVDR the video never starts, all I see is the buffering bar at the top of the screen, and stay sat on the LiveTV EPG window. (the HD-PVR does start to record, since the it lights up on the top)

I have re-compiled XVDR with DEBUG=1 and here is the log from VDR after a few attempts to start a channel in XBMC; http://pastebin.com/ztPPpHcZ
You can see at the end, when I stop playing a channel through XBMC, that shortly after xine tunes a channel itself (the last one I watched) and seems to detect a video stream ok..

Here is a debug log from XBMC while trying to start a channel; http://pastebin.com/20k4uyeG

And lastly is a VDR log from successfully starting a channel via streamdev and my android phone - just incase there is anything useful; http://pastebin.com/n5h1MgBj

I hope these prove useful as I would love to get this working!
Let me know if there is anything else I can test..

I should probably note, I can watch other channels fine (satellite) via XVDR/XBMC so fundamentally the XBMC setup works just fine.. it only seems to affect the PVR input channels.
Also, you can ignore the frontend 0/1 tuning messages, as one my satellite feeds is disconnected at the moment :)

@realroywalker I have a similar problem. Whenever I try to select a Live TV Channel, it sometimes plays the audio but mostly just stops on the buffering screen. As i'm new to VDR, I presumed this was due to my lack of knowledge. I can stream to laptop / iphone fine, just no stream to XBMC.

I'm using the following plugins : XVDR, Xineliboutput, Xine, and Streamdev.

As im new could you please just confirm if it is my setup which is wrong or indeed a bug!?

Your help would be very much appreciated as Ive found little or no advice via google on setting up a headless VDR server.

Thank You!!

I'm not sure, hopefully Pipelka can confirm either way soon.
I've been fighting this for the last couple of days and the PVRInput channels work fine in everything except XBMC (via XVDR) so at the moment the finger points to one of those.. but I could be barking up the wrong tree until a dev can confirm :)

@realroywalker I also can't get xvdr stream a channel from pvrinput.
The only difference is that in my case xvdr doesn't seems to get the right channel attributes, it tries to lock on channel 0 (NULL), and if I read your log right it seems in your case xvdr does get the right attributes (pid, tid)

You should look also on pipelka/xbmc-addon-xvdr#64 it may be the same issue, I wish this can be fix from xvdr side.

I suppose I got the same problem as I mentioned in pipelka/xbmc-addon-xvdr#79 already.

At least I'm getting audio but no video.

Card is a WinTV PVR 500, an I'm also using the vdr-pvrinput plugin.

I would like to help debugging but unfortunately I don't know where to start :-(

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