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The full version of script also:

- sends notification when the mining is falls.
- sends notification when any GPU is dropped hashrate.
- sends notification when any GPU temperature increase.
- sends notification when any GPU fan speed dropped.
- in cumulative information shows the balance on the pool.

Light version of python script for monitoring Claymore's Dual Ethereum miner via API.

The script wait request to Telegram bot and sends cumulative information about:

  1. Uptime of Claymore
  2. Current total hashrate of Rig
  3. Hashrate of each GPU
  4. Temperature of each GPU
  5. Fan speed of each GPU
  6. Number of accepted shares
  7. Number of invalid shares


Alt text


Telegram bot.


In linux:

Install Python telepot package: pip install telepot

In Windows:

Install Python 2.x.

Install Python telepot package: C:\Python27\Scripts\pip.exe install telepot


Set all necessary parameters at config section & add scrypt to startup

All comments and additions are welcome.