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title: Dynatrace Service Broker for Pivotal Cloud Foundry
owner: Partners
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This documentation describes the Dynatrace Service Broker tile for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF).
The Dynatrace Service Broker integrates two application monitoring solutions into your deployment: Dynatrace and Dynatrace AppMon.
<p class="note"><strong>Note</strong>: The Dynatrace Service Broker for PCF replaces both the Dynatrace AppMon Service Broker and the Dynatrace Ruxit Service Broker. See the <a href="#upgrading">Upgrading</a> section for more information.</p>
## <a id="overview"></a>Overview
The Dynatrace Service Broker tile installs the following services:
* **Dynatrace SaaS/Managed** is an application performance monitoring solution for PCF applications.
The Dynatrace Service Broker registers a service broker on PCF and exposes its service plans on the Marketplace.
You can bind your apps to the Dynatrace service and monitor them in your Dynatrace environment.
Dynatrace detects clustered apps and provides visibility into their transaction flows,
from the user level to the database and code level.
Dynatrace also creates and adapts real-time dependency graphs of all your pushed apps and connected databases.
If Dynatrace detects an anomaly in your environment,
it directs you to the root cause with these dependency graphs and the data it collects.
* **Dynatrace AppMon** enables in-depth monitoring of applications running on PCF,
through an embedded agent bundled with applications that are deployed using buildpacks.
The service agent instruments the application by adding tracing and monitoring hooks to the code,
then continuously sends the resulting data to AppMon account collectors.
The AppMon account draws from this data to publish performance metrics and other details on the dashboards of the Dynatrace AppMon Client Application.
The Dynatrace Service Broker installs the Dynatrace AppMon Service Broker as a Java application,
registers it as a service broker on PCF, and exposes its service plans on the Marketplace.
This simplifies the integration of Dynatrace AppMon services with Cloud Foundry applications.
## <a id="product-snapshot"></a> Product Snapshot
<p class='note'><strong>Note:</strong> As of PCF v2.0, Elastic Runtime is renamed Pivotal Application Service (PAS).</strong>
The following table provides version and version-support information about Dynatrace Service Broker for PCF:
<table class="nice">
<td>Release date</td>
<td>February 2, 2018</td>
<td>Software component version</td>
<td>Dynatrace Service Broker v1.2 and Dynatrace AppMon Service Broker v1.1</td>
<td>Compatible Ops Manager version(s)</td>
<td>v1.8.x, v1.9.x, v1.10.x, v1.11.x, v1.12.x, and v2.0.x</td>
<td>Compatible Pivotal Application Service version(s)</td>
<td>v1.8.x, v1.9.x, v1.10.x, v1.11.x, v1.12.x, and v2.0.x</td>
<td>IaaS support</td>
<td>AWS, OpenStack, and vSphere</td>
## <a id="upgrading"></a> Upgrading v1.0
The Dynatrace Service Broker for PCF tile replaces both the Dynatrace AppMon Service Broker for PCF v1.0,
as well as the Dynatrace Ruxit Service Broker for PCF v1.0 tiles.
You must uninstall the previous tiles before installing the new one.
## <a id="trial-license"></a> Trial License
Users interested in Dynatrace can sign up for a [free trial]( "Dynatrace Free Trial").
Users interested in Dynatrace AppMon can sign up for a [free trial license]( "Dynatrace AppMon Free Trial").
## <a id="dependencies"></a> Packaging Dependencies
The Dynatrace Service Broker for PCF requires the following dependencies:
* Dynatrace AppMon requires Java Buildpack April 8, 2016 build commit # bed4c6137c7bf08c09813a4b5b33eed0d3eaee46 (release version 3.7) or upwards
* The Dynatrace Service Broker's usage of Dynatrace API tokens and API URL requires Java Buildpack build commit # 7602286305b50c25cf4f8bd7a4ba1e00118ba21b (PR 352) or upwards
Developers must use the latest Java buildpack when pushing apps by performing one of the following steps:
* Use the latest online Java buildpack by specifying it in the app manifest or with the following Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (cf CLI) command:
<pre class="terminal">
$ cf push YOUR-APP-NAME -b <span>https</span>://</pre>
For more information about pushing apps, see the [Getting Started with the cf CLI]( topic. For more information about pushing apps with manifests, see the [Deploying with Application Manifests]( topic.
* Create an offline Java buildpack from the latest GitHub [repository]( For more information about using offline buildpacks, see the [Packaging Dependencies for Offline Buildpacks]( topic.
You can also bundle the Dynatrace AppMon Agent with the Node.js Buildpack 1.5+, using node engines 0.10.x and 0.12.x.
For more information, see the Dynatrace [documentation](
## <a id="limitations"></a> Limitations
The Dynatrace Service Broker for PCF does not currently support HWC buildpack.
## <a id="feedback"></a> Feedback
Please provide any bugs, feature requests, or questions to the [Pivotal Cloud Foundry Feedback list](