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title: Contacting Service Providers for Support
category: support
owner: Partners
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The first time you create an instance of a given service in a space, an account is created for you on the service provider's system. Because the collaboration model in Cloud Foundry enables transient ownership of orgs and spaces, accounts are created on service provider systems as a user representing the space itself.
When contacting Marketplace service providers for support, you must provide them with either the email address for the space the instance was created in, or the guid of the space service instance.
## Space Email Address
Every space has an email alias. This alias is the address used when creating accounts with service providers. When anyone sends an email to this alias, PWS forwards the email to each user in the space with the Space Developer role.
The email address is in the form ``, where `GUID` is the guid of the space that contains the service instance. See below for instructions to determine the guid of a space.
## Space GUID
You can determine the guid of the space using Apps Manager.
1. Log into Apps Manager, and navigate to the space.
2. In the address bar of your browser, examine the URL. The guid of the space is the long string following `spaces/` in the URL.
Example: `12345678-dddd-cccc-1234-1234567801ab` is the guid of the space in the following URL: ``