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Development Environment


  • Ruby 2.4.0
  • bundler
  • rspec
  • Node 6
  • npm 3.10.10 (npm install -g npm@3.10.10)
  • gulp
  • chromedriver

To avoid having to install and manage these dependencies you can use the Postfacto docker image for development.

Installing library dependencies

Before development you'll need to install library dependencies (gems and npm packages) for the web, api and e2e codebases by running:


Running locally

You can run Postfacto locally at http://localhost:3000 by running:


The admin dashboard will be available at http://localhost:4000/admin. You can create an admin user using the following rake task in the api directory: ADMIN_PASSWORD=password rake admin:create_user

Running tests

You can run the tests for the whole project in the root directory by simply running:



cd web
gulp spec-app


cd api
bundle exec rake

End to end

cd web
gulp local-acceptance

Contributing to Pivotal Projects

We’d love to accept your patches and contributions to this project. Please review the following guidelines you'll need to follow in order to make a contribution.

Contributor License Agreement

All contributors to this project must have a signed Contributor License Agreement ("CLA") on file with us. The CLA grants us the permissions we need to use and redistribute your contributions as part of the project; you or your employer retain the copyright to your contribution. Head over to to see your current agreement(s) on file or to sign a new one.

We generally only need you (or your employer) to sign our CLA once and once signed, you should be able to submit contributions to any Pivotal project.

Note: if you would like to submit an "obvious fix" for something like a typo, formatting issue or spelling mistake, you may not need to sign the CLA. Please see our information on obvious fixes for more details.

Working on features

If you're interested on working on a feature for us we have a Backlog of work for people to pick up at anytime. Have a look at both the Backlog' and 'Icebox' sections and if something catches your eye leave a comment and we can chat about assigning it to you. If the feature you had in mind isn't already there then get in touch! We're always eager to hear about new ideas for Postfacto.

Code reviews

All submissions, including submissions by project members, require review and we use GitHub's pull requests for this purpose. Please consult GitHub Help if you need more information about using pull requests.

Giving yourself credit

We maintain a humans.txt file so that we can keep a list of all the people that have contributed throughout the development of Postfacto. If you'd like to add yourself feel free to do so as part of a Pull Request by putting your name and contact info (if you'd like) in the 'CONTRIBUTORS' section.