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SitesManager: CIDR notation #1775

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IP exclusion currently limited to wildcards, e.g., 128.252.135.*

Support for CIDR notation would allow for the equivalent, but also allow for things harder to express using wildcards, e.g.,

Piwik Open Source Analytics member

Wildcards and / or a combination of listing specific IP addresses will meet all use cases for IP exclusion within a company.


Wildcards are limited to representing /24, /16, and /8.


(In [4533]) fixes #1111 - add support for IPv6 addresses (tracking, anonymization, and exclusion)
fixes #2095 - add new anonymization hook (pre-heuristics)
fixes #2055 - optional IP filter when multiple proxies present
fixes #1775 - SitesManager: supports CIDR notation for IP exclusion


  • Installer no longer checks for IPv6, so the related messages should be deleted from translations
  • IPv4 mapped addresses (e.g., ::ffff: are no longer re-mapped into IPv4 space
  • users who to query IP addresses from MySQL directly, can use the following SQL, but inet_ntoa() is limited to IPv4 addresses:
select inet_ntoa(conv(hex(location_ip), 16, 10)) from piwik_log_visit;
  • Windows: IPv6 inet_pton()/inet_ntop() not supported until php 5.3; see #2351
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