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Simple RSS feed tracking: Open Source Feedburner #5727

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Piwik could integrate an “open source feedburner” that would be a proxy between the original feed URL and the visitor. This proxy could then track data about visitors, what articles are clicked on, etc.

Building such a set of features is not easy, as the code has to deal with lots of edge cases in feed parsing (lots of rss/atom feeds are missing fields, incorrectly formatted, etc.).

We could

  • At first provide only the number of subscribers, by parsing the http fields which contain the count of subscribers for each caller
  • Later in V2, enhance the code to also parse the feeds and track clicks on links. Keywords: rss feedburner tracking "open source feedburner outofscope

see the discussion on


Not anymore, since feedburner is dead, Piwik could step up as the Open Source Feedburner!

We could get inspiration from this code:

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Feed Analytics

  • Measure how many times articles are viewed by a human in a feed reader
    • append to the feed article content text an image tracker tag to track in Piwik when an article is read in feed reader
  • Measure how many people visit the website as they clicked on the post title
    • edit the main RSS article URL to append the piwik campaign parameters '&pk_campaign=Feed_reader'
  • New setting to enable the editing of all links to tracked domains, and append campaign parameters
    • this will help measure how many people click in links in the content to our piwik-tracked website (without modifying other URLs to keep things clean in feed content)
  • Counting number of Feed subscribers,
    • this is an elaborate mix of detectiong subscribers from the User Agent from major platforms like feedly and others, (the big RSS readers Saas give us number of subscribers to the feed when requesting the feed,)
    • and counting as well the standard "visits" from the people requesting feed in their browser,
    • we would hook in rss feed generation time and build new plugin logic to detect subribers from user agent. (this probaly could be done with help from Device Detector library as it is starting to track clients: piwik/device-detector#3651 (comment))
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