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Add a manual "update check" in the Piwik admin UI screens #728

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autoupdate does not works ? no information on 0.2.35 than 0.2.37 is available :-(


when was the last time (prior to the update notice) that you logged in to your dashboard? the update check is a minimum 24 hrs since the last check. 0.2.35 was a couple days ago and versions bumped a couple of times last nite.


maybe a manual update can be added ? ;)


0.2.35 was a couple days ago and versions bumped a couple of times last nite.

i was already in 35 but i wish to receive 37 ;)


patience. you'll get the notice soon enough young grasshopper. ;)

we might change the algorithm or frequency of checks in the future; an advantage of the current method is that users don't necessarily get the notice at the same time

as we've seen this week, being on the bleeding edge has its challenges.


agreed with vipsoft - this is an advantage to have this "progressive deployment".
What we could do is add this button once we work on the more advanced "administration UI" see the roadmap for more details:


Also, a requirement (prior to 0.4.3) for the updatecheck is allow_url_fopen=On.


A critical update (1.1) was released this morning, and several of my Piwik installs won't let me perform a one-click update due to the arbitrary limitation described in this ticket.

I happen to have some time over to test and perform and possibly troubleshoot the Piwik updates for my web consulting small business sites right now, not necessarily in two hours when my customers of my other employer start calling me. I'm apparently compentent enough to want to apply a critial update asap. Does this mean I should feel a nipple-tingling craving for the tedious machine labour of doing five manual Piwik updates?

There absolutely should be a way to manually check for updates and if available, apply them at any time using the one-click method. No-one's asking that the dashboard should ping the Piwik project's servers every minute. Just have a button somewhere in the admin area that lets me get updates I already know are available.

If you're really concerned about an army of bots or autistics kids stuck in a mental loop clicking a manual update check every second, there are tools available. Why not require a captcha for manual checks, or use feedburner (free!) or a cdn for your update notifications feed?

Piwik is powerful and easy to use software. My customers find more fun and intuitive to browse than e.g. Google Analytics. But as with Wordpress the one click update is a major reason I use and recommend Piwik. It's a serious killer feature real people and businesses can use to save copious amounts time and to narrow down the window of opportunity for malicious activity.

Having to wait for an update button to appear in a self-hosted web app adds frustrating dead time, much like web hosting providers that won't let customer lower dns ttl values before site migrations.


I agree, we should provide a way to manually check for updates. I think we could introduce a page similar to what Wordpress has, showing updates for the core + plugins and add a link there to do a manual check. We could also set a 5 minute timeout for manual checks.


In the prototype, the plugin manager forces an update check. This avoids having to add a new button.


Of course, this feature is very important :)

I propose that we add, in the Blue about box, when hovered, below "If you're a fan of Piwik, you can help!", the text "Check for new updates now". The text would be written in grey. When clicked, it would reload the current URL, and if there is a new version the box will appear orange as normal.

This is necessary because by default Piwik will check only Piwik_UpdateCheck::CHECK_INTERVAL (which should be bypassed when the "Check for new updates now" is clicked.

This is also useful when piwik is hooked into the dev update channel #3071


(In [7684]) Refs #728, fix language manager test.


(In [7685]) Refs #728, tweak link.


This was fixed: nice work @capedfuzz!

You can now force update check in the "About Piwik" Box

@anonymous-piwik-user anonymous-piwik-user added this to the 1.11 - Piwik 1.11 milestone
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