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Error in translation string assuming s is plural #978

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From french translation

"volution sur les 30 derniers jourss" with two 's'. Or the good word is : "volution sur les 30 derniers jours"


Should review these as well:

ca.php: 'VisitsSummary_Evolution' => 'Evoluci dels 30 darrers %ss',
el.php: 'VisitsSummary_Evolution' => '   30 %ss',
fr.php: 'VisitsSummary_EvolutionOverLastPeriods' => 'volution sur les 30 derniers %ss',
gl.php: 'VisitsSummary_Evolution' => 'Evolucin nos derradeiros 30 %ss',
it.php: 'VisitsSummary_Evolution' => 'Evoluzione negli ultimi 30 %ss',
nl.php: 'VisitsSummary_Evolution' => 'Ontwikkeling van de laatste 30 %ss',
no.php: 'VisitsSummary_Evolution' => 'Evolusjon de siste 30 %ss',
pl.php: 'VisitsSummary_Evolution' => 'Postp ostatnich 30 %ss',
pt.php: 'VisitsSummary_Evolution' => 'Evolução nos últimos 30 %ss',
th.php: 'VisitsSummary_Evolution' => ' 30 %ss',
zh-cn.php:  'VisitsSummary_Evolution' => ' 30 %ss ',

In [1468], fixes #978 - error in translation string (%ss typo) -- the arg should already be pluralized (i.e., CoreHome_PeriodDays)

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