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LICENSE Update README Apr 3, 2018

Accessible PDF

This repository contains the content of The outsourced content is written in Markdown and in sync with the WordPress website.

Metadata header

Any markdown file needs a bit of Metadata at the beginning of the document. This metadata is necessary to push the content to the database of the website. Right after the import, the WPGHS plugin will create a new git commit containing some additional and missing metadata.

The metadata block needs the following informations:

post_title: Name of the Post
author: Name of the author
layout: tutorials
published: true
post_excerpt: "A short description about the issue."
  - Microsoft Word
  - 01. Real content tagged


The title describes the issue as clear and short as possible.


This is the name of the first author of the post. If another user submit changes to the post, the name of the author mustn't change. The name of the new contributor will be added to the post manually.


The layout or better the post type can be

  • basics
  • tutorials (for troubleshooting posts)
  • pages (any other kind of pages like the glossary)


published defines if the post will be published directly.


The excerpt helps to quickly find out what the reader can except when reading the full article. Besides the category/archive page it will be shown on the search results page as well.


Tags help to navigate the content. The tags can describe the authoring software or the way of testing.

Authoring Software

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Microsoft Word

Way of testing

  • automatic testing
  • manual testing


One of the main reasons for this website is the troubleshooting of PDF/UA errors and issues. Therefore the checkpoint names of the Mattherhorn Protocol will be used as categories.

  1. Real content tagged
  2. Role Mapping
  3. Flickering
  4. Color and Contrast
  5. Sound
  6. Metadata
  7. Dictionary
  8. OCR Validation
  9. Appropriate Tags
  10. Character Mappings
  11. Declared Natural Language
  12. Stretchable Characters
  13. Graphics
  14. Headings
  15. Tables
  16. Lists
  17. Mathematical Expressions
  18. Page Headers and Footers
  19. Notes and References
  20. Optional Content
  21. Embedded Files
  22. Article Threads
  23. Digital Signatures
  24. Non-Interactive Forms
  25. XFA
  26. Security
  27. Navigation
  28. Annotations
  29. Actions
  30. XObjects
  31. Fonts

Further metadata

The metadata ID, Permalink and post_date will be added automatically.


This website is meant to be a community project. I wish contributors from all over the world will help me to build and maintain a useful reference for creating accessible PDFs.

In you learn what to consider if you want to help with this project.


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

License: CC BY 4.0