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Zur deutschen Übersetzung (Link to the German translation)

Contributors Guide

Please read and understand the contribution guide before writing an issue or pull request.


This project is licensed under Creative Commons BY 4.0. The maintainers give their free time to create and maintain the content held within. It would be extremely unfair for them to suffer abuse or anger for their hard work. Please be considerate towards maintainers when raising issues or presenting pull requests.

It's the duty of the maintainer to ensure that all submissions to the project are of sufficient quality to benefit the project. All people have different skillsets, strengths and weaknesses. Respect the maintainer's decision and do not be upset or abusive if your submission is not used.

Issue or Pull Request

Before filing an issue or submitting a pull request please check if the question or change request doesn't exist already.

Possible reasons to open an Issue

  • if you have a question about and its content
  • if you want to give a feedback
  • if you want a bigger change to discuss first

Possible reasons to create a Pull Request

  • if you want to submit a change of an existing post
  • if you have translated a tutorial from German to English or the other way around
  • if you want to submit a new post


If you have no experience with Git and contributing on Github – no problem. There is a useful repository you can learn that: first-contributions