Pixi.js plugin that enables Spine support.
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Build Status

Spine implementation for pixi v3 and pixi v4.

For v5 please see next branch and use npm version 2.0.0-alpha


Prebuilt Files

If you are just including the built files, pixi spine adds itself to a pixi namespace:

new PIXI.spine.Spine();

Basic example

var app = new PIXI.Application();


    .add('spineCharacter', 'spine-data-1/HERO.json')
    .load(function (loader, resources) {
        var animation = new PIXI.spine.Spine(resources.spineCharacter.spineData);

        // add the animation to the scene and render...
        // run 
        var animation = new PIXI.spine.Spine(spineBoyData);
        if (animation.state.hasAnimation('run')) {
            // run forever, little boy!
            animation.state.setAnimation(0, 'run', true);
            // dont run too fast
            animation.state.timeScale = 0.1;

Want to go advanced?

Read our docs.

Using webpack or browserify?

Our library is tested for integration with webpack and browserify, check our travis config and checkpack.


There's "bin/pixi-spine.d.ts" file, you can use it.

Spine version

Pixi-spine 1.3.x works ONLY with data exported from Spine 3.5.

Please enable "beta updates" and re-export everything from the spine editor.

According to spine runtime license, you can use runtime only if you have bought the editor, so exporting latest versions of animations shouldn't be a problem for you.


You will need to have node setup on your machine.

Make sure you have yarn installed:

npm install -g yarn

Then you can install dependencies and build:

yarn build

That will output the built distributables to ./bin.