Library extends java.util.Date and provide methods to return "time ago"/"minutes ago"/"hours ago" date strings based on current date and date provided to JTimeAgo object. Work everywhere where Java ( Java, Scala, Android ) is available.
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JTimeAgo - description

Java library based on Objective-clibrary

It can be used everywhere where java is available.

Sample usage

JTimeAgo extends java.util.Date class.

if you got date stored in Data object You can simply wrap it :

    Date date = Calendar.getInstance().getTime();
    JTimeAgo jTimeAgo = new JTimeAgo(date);

and thats all you need, then you have to call a following method:

    String time = jTimeAgo.getTimeAgo(); 

Language support

For now English and Polish are only supported languages. English is set as default If you want to change language you can do it using provided constructor:

    JTimeAgo jTimeAgo = new JTimeAgo(LanguageType.EN);
    JTimeAgo jTimeAgo = new JTimeAgo(new Date(), LanguageType.EN); 

or by calling