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Move cursor when priting to terminal

What did you learn about unix today

You can move the cursor when priting to a terminal by using the following ANSI escape sequences:

  • Position the Cursor: \033[;H Or \033[;f puts the cursor at line L and column C.

  • Move the cursor up N lines: \033[A

  • Move the cursor down N lines: \033[B

  • Move the cursor forward N columns: \033[C

  • Move the cursor backward N columns: \033[D

  • Clear the screen, move to (0,0): \033[2J

  • Erase to end of line: \033[K

  • Save cursor position: \033[s

  • Restore cursor position: \033[u


The following output contains three spaces between my first and last name, because we moved the cursor three columns to the right:

echo -n "pierre" && echo -n "\033[3C" && echo -n "jambet"
# > pierre   jambet