How To: Redirect to a specific page on successful sign in or sign out

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Devise will by default redirect to the root_path. However, if you defined a user_root_path for your user model (admin_root_path for an admin model and so on), Devise will use it instead:

match '/welcome' => "welcome#index", as: :user_root

Using  Rails 4
get '/welcome' => "welcome#index", as: :user_root

If you want more fine grained control, you can simply override after_sign_in_path_for:

def after_sign_in_path_for(resource)
  stored_location_for(resource) || welcome_path

To make the above work, the root path obviously needs to be publicly visible!

If what you really want is to change the way / redirects for logged-in vs. unauthenticated users, you can use the authenticated route helper:

  authenticated :user do
    root to: 'welcome#index', as: :authenticated_root

  root to: 'landing#index'

Route Naming Note

As of Rails 4+, two routes with the same name will raise an exception at app load time. In the above example, it is important to note that the two routes respond to the same URL but they have two different route names (authenticated_root_path and root_path).

After signing out

This works a lot like the above, except you use the method:

def after_sign_out_path_for(resource_or_scope)
  # logic here