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We're supposing that you are currently using Devise 2.0, if not, before doing any of the tips below, upgrade your app to Devise 2.0

Deprecations added on 2.0 are now removed

If you run your application with Devise 2.0 and have removed all the deprecation warnings, you're good to go with Devise 2.1.

Devise.use_salt_as_remember_token is removed

In Devise 2.0, the only acceptable value for this option was true, since we no longer maintained a remember_token. Since it always had to be true, the option was removed all together (we had planned a two steps deprecation since 2.0 release).

Encryptable now is in a gem

If you're using encryptable on your models, you will now have to include devise-encryptable on your gemfile.

Sign out through JSON or XML format now returns a contentless header

Now the sign_out through JSON or XML returns a contentless response instead of a response with an empty body.

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