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@rafaelfranca rafaelfranca released this · 93 commits to master since this release


  • Add mapping to uuid columns.
  • Add custom namespaces for custom inputs feature. @vala
  • Add :unless_blank option to the wrapper API. @IanVaughan
  • Add support to html markup in the I18n options. @laurocaetano
  • Add the full_error component. @laurocaetano
  • Add support to scope to be used on associations. @laurocaetano
  • Execute the association condition in the object context. @laurocaetano
  • Check if the given association responds to order before calling it. @laurocaetano
  • Add Bootstrap 3 initializer template.
  • For radio or checkbox collection always use :item_wrapper_tag to wrap the content and add label when using boolean_style with :nested @kassio and @erichkist
  • input_field uses the same wrapper as input but only with attribute components. @nashby
  • Add wrapper mapping per form basis @rcillo and @bernardoamc
  • Add for attribute to label when collections are rendered as radio or checkbox @erichkist, @ulissesalmeida and @fabioyamate
  • Add include_default_input_wrapper_class config @luizcosta
  • Map datetime, date and time input types to their respective HTML5 input tags when the :html5 is set to true @volmer
  • Add boolean_label_class config.
  • Add :html option to include additional attributes on custom wrappers @remofritzsche and @ulissesalmeida
  • Make possible to use the Wrappers API to define attributes for the components. See #997 for more information.
  • Put a whitespace before the inline_label options of boolean input if it is present.
  • Add support to configure the label_text proc at the wrapper level. @NOX73
  • label_text proc now receive three arguments (label, request, and if the label was explicit). @timscott
  • Add I18n support to :include_blank and :prompt when :translate is used as value. @haines
  • Add support to define custom error messages for the attributes.
  • Add support to change the I18n scope to be used in Simple Form. @nielsbuus

bug fix

  • Collection input that uses automatic collection translation properly sets checked values. Closes #971 @nashby
  • Collection input generates required attribute if it has prompt option. @nashby
  • Grouped collection uses the first non-empty object to detect label and value methods.


  • Methods on custom inputs now accept a required argument with the wrapper options. See #997 for more information.


Simple Form 3.0.0

@rafaelfranca rafaelfranca released this · 397 commits to master since this release

This version add support to Rails 4 and drops entirely support to Rails 3 and Ruby 1.8. If you want support to these version use Simple Form 2.1


  • New input_class global config option to set a class to be generated in all inputs.
  • Collection tags accept html attributes as the last element of collection @nashby
  • Change default :value_method of collection tags from :last to :second @nashby
  • Support Proc object in :conditions option of associations @bradly
  • input_field supports html5 component @nashby
  • Make field_error_proc configurable @dfens
  • Support to Rails 4.
  • Removed deprecated methods.
  • SimpleForm no longer sets the size attribute automatically and the default_input_size setting is now deprecated.
  • Support to aria-required attribute to required fields @ckundo

bug fix

  • Make DateTimeInput#label_target method to work with string values in I18n.t('date.order') (default behaviour in Rails 4) Closes #846 @mjankowski
  • Add "checkbox" class to the label of boolean input when there is no :label in generate_additional_classes_for config option @nashby
  • Support models with digits in their names @webgago
  • Remove deprecation warnings related to Relation#all from Rails 4.
  • Form builder can be used outside the context of a controller @jasonwebster
  • Skip pattern attribute when using validates_format_of with :without option @glebm


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