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Made HDHomerun work (again)

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1 parent ef8190e commit 43ada45ccf2d9d48c7681b50dad2cc337322996e @elan elan committed Apr 1, 2009
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  1. +4 −0 xbmc/FileSystem/HDHomeRun.h
@@ -44,7 +44,11 @@ class DllHdHomeRunInterface
class DllHdHomeRun : public DllDynamic, public DllHdHomeRunInterface
+#ifdef __APPLE__
+ DECLARE_DLL_WRAPPER(DllHdHomeRun, Q:\\system\\
DEFINE_METHOD5(int, discover_find_devices_custom, (uint32_t p1, uint32_t p2, uint32_t p3, struct hdhomerun_discover_device_t p4[], int p5))
DEFINE_METHOD1(struct hdhomerun_device_t*, device_create_from_str, (const char* p1))
DEFINE_METHOD1(void, device_destroy, (struct hdhomerun_device_t* p1))

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