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Contributing to zmNinja

The source code will always be available under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. If you'd like to contribute please know that if your changes are accepted and merged they will make it to the App/Play Store when I publish the app. This does not entitle you to any remuneration - If you still would like to contribute and make this solution better, please go right ahead. If you feel this prohibits you from contributing, please create a bug report or enhancement request via the github issue tracker and I'll incorporate it when I have time/agree its a good idea.


Steps for code contribution

It's best if you follow a proper process to contribute code - makes it easy for me to track/review. You will need git

If you are familiar with doing Pull Requests, you can ignore detailed instructions below - just do the following:

  • create a github issue in zmNinja describing your feature
  • create a fork and create a local branch using the issue# created (Example 459-new-feature)
  • Make your changes on that branch and push/PR

If you are not familiar with the Pull Request process, these steps explain further:

Detailed instructions (for folks who are not familiar with Pull Requests)

One time

  • Fork zmNinja using the "Fork" button on the top right of the zmNinja project. This creates your own copy (or fork) of zmNinja on github:

  • Now launch a command line and make a local copy of your fork

git clone<your github username>/zmNinja.git
  • Now connect your copy to my repository (needed for future pushes)
git remote add upstream

Every time you want to contribute

  • cd <wherever you cloned my repo>/zmNinja

  • Make sure you have the latest version of my repo

git checkout master
git pull upstream master
  • Let's suppose you want to add some "new-feature"

  • Create an ISSUE on zmNinja github issues

  • Note down the issue number (lets say its 1234)

  • create a branch in your local git copy

git checkout -b 1234-new-feature (replace 1234 and new-feature)

You will now be in a new branch for you to develop the feature

  • You can keep testing your changes. Make sure you commit often via git add <files> and git commit -m "comments describing change" .(you are committing to your local copy only here).

  • So far, you are committing changes to your local copy. To push it to your fork of zmNinja on github, do git push origin 1234-new-feature (replace 1234 and new-feature)

  • Keep repeating above steps as many times as you want till the code is ready.

  • Once done, go to your github webpage and you will see a "create pull request" button in green. Review what you are doing a pull request for and click that button - I'll get an email you want me to review your changes