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Dive in


A more in-depth tutorial than the quickstart.


How to setup a host from scratch or make an existing one ready for BSDploy:

General usage

How to create and manage jails once the host is set up:

Special use cases


Code and issues are hosted at github:


The project is licensed under the Beerware license.


The following features already exist but still need to be documented:

  • provisioning + bootstrapping
    • EC2 (daemonology based)
    • pre-configured SSH server keys
  • jail access
    • port forwarding
    • public IP
  • ZFS management

  • Creating and restoring ZFS snapshots

  • poudriere support

  • Upgrading strategies

  • 'vagrant mode' (use - virtualized - jails as development environment)

The following features don't exist yet but should eventually :)

  • OS installers
    • homebrew
  • support vmware explicitly (like virtualbox)?