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The Kary Foundation's Standard Comment System is a programming comment method designed to increase the code readability as well as software quality. And is to become the standard protocol for coding style in the Kary Foundation.

The KFCS is designed with a hierarchy of comments to indicate an object-oriented manner of scope thinking within the code. And to organize the code in a multi-level indentation/scoping system.


As the comments within the system are not easy to write by hand. You'll be needing a KFCS comment generator. For now two good official generators exists that we continue to develop and suggest you to use them:

  • Comment 5 for Visual Studio Code — This brings the comment as an extension to VS Code. By that you can turn lines into comment pretty fast. The extension has a intelligence content-awareness that automatically detects the indentation and KFCS relative scope and generates the right start or ending comment. If you use VS Code this is the best experience you can have with KFCS.

  • Comment IV — Comment IV is a stand-alone GUI Editor for generating KFCS comments. It supports all the KFCS styles and brings many power-user shortkeys that makes generating comments really fast. It’s a cross platform system and has a wast library of languages as well as support for custom languages.

And there is this one that is deprecated but you may still download and use:

  • Comment 3 for macOS — Written with swift, it’s the software designed for KFCS before we rewrote it as Comment IV. However it’s a GUI editor that has less support for KFCS comments and no keybindings but is fast and very lightweight. In a very rare case you may find it useful…

Adopting process

To adopt the comment and coding system you may read the articles within this wiki. Or take a loot at a few KFCS source codes.

#### Comment IV - [Download]( - [Run Online](

Comments Reference

Other Resources

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