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Instagram PHP Scraper. Get account information, photos, videos, stories and comments.
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Instagram PHP Scraper

This library is based on the Instagram web version. We develop it because nowadays it is hard to get an approved Instagram application. The purpose is to support every feature that the web desktop and mobile version support.

Code Example

$instagram = Instagram::withCredentials('username', 'password');
$account = $instagram->getAccountById(3);
echo $account->getUsername();

Some methods do not require authentication:

$instagram = new Instagram();
$nonPrivateAccountMedias = $instagram->getMedias('kevin');
echo $nonPrivateAccountMedias[0]->getLink();

If you use authentication it is recommended to cache the user session. In this case you don't need to run the $instagram->login() method every time your program runs:

$instagram = Instagram::withCredentials('username', 'password', '/path/to/cache/folder/');
$instagram->login(); // will use cached session if you can force login $instagram->login(true)
$account = $instagram->getAccountById(3);
echo $account->getUsername();

Using proxy for requests:

$instagram = new Instagram();
    'address' => '',
    'port'    => '8080',
    'tunnel'  => true,
    'timeout' => 30,
// Request with proxy
$account = $instagram->getAccount('kevin');
// Request without proxy
$account = $instagram->getAccount('kevin');


Using composer

composer.phar require raiym/instagram-php-scraper


composer require raiym/instagram-php-scraper

If you don't have composer

You can download it here.


See examples here.


Java library:

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