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Cloudkick Changelog Tool
A command line tool for noting when something was changed on a machine. The
contents of the message are POST'ed to another server for logging.
=== Configuration ==
There are only two configuration variables. The address of an endpoint,
and the secret key to authenticate the client. Both HTTPS and HTTP are
supported, althgouh the SSL certificate is not yet validated.
== Example Config Flie ==
Put the following in /etc/ckl.conf:
secret mySuperSecret
== Example Usage ==
$ ckl -m 'I reconfigured postfix'
Will post to your configured endpoint the following data:
- API Key
- Log Message
- Machine Hostname
- Username
- Timestamp
Endpoints are just HTTP or HTTPS servers configured with an application
to store this data. The API key is just a secret string that it is up to the
endpoint to validate.
== Endpoints ==
A simple Python based endpoint is bundled in <webapp/ckl.cgi> which uses
an SQLite database to store change log entries.
The protocol is a simple HTTP form POST to the endpoint URL. It should be
trivial to port the endpoint to any langauge of your choice.
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