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Tornado is great, if you can code asynchronously ...

Greenlet is cool to create asynchronous programs using micro-threads.

What about a mix of the two ?


To install tornalet, you can clone this repository or use PyPI:

easy_install tornalet
pip install tornalet

To enable tornalet, prefix each of your handler's method the decorator @tornalet.tornalet.

Then decorate with tornalet.asyncify each of your blocking function. This will make your function asynchronous.


import tornalet
import tornado.web
import random

URL = ""

class MainHandler(tornado.web.RequestHandler):
    def get(self):
        http_client = tornado.httpclient.AsyncHTTPClient()

        # Here's the magic : this line is not synchronous.
        facts = tornalet.asyncify(http_client.fetch)(URL).body.split("%")

        fact = facts[random.randrange(len(facts))]

        self.write("<pre>%s</pre>" % (fact, ))



Tornadolet is licensed under the Apache Licence, Version 2.0 (

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