A simple plugin to apply preset or custom aspect ratios to a selected layer.
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Sketch Aspect Ratio

This plugin for Sketch helps you change the size of a layer to fit to a desired aspect ratio. Aspect ratios can be selected from a list of presets or entered manually.

Sketch Aspect Ratio Dialog

If you find any bugs or have suggestions for the further development please open a new issue!

How to install

Download the latest version from the releases page, unzip it and open the file to install it in Sketch.

How to change the preset aspect ratios

The list of presets is located in /src/resources/ratios.js. If you want to customize you can change it to your liking and then build a new version of the plugin by running gulp build. A new version of the plugin is then created in /dist. You can install this version to have your own list of presets available in Sketch.


This plugin is based on Sketch Fusion by Andrey Shakhmin, @turbobabr, as presented at #SketcHHackday 2016.


npm install
gulp watch

To release a new version as github release, run:

export GITHUB_TOKEN=yoursecrettoken
gulp release