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JS Larn 12.4.5

Ported to JavaScript. Gameplay is intended to be identical to version 12.4.4, with the following updates:

  1. [new] A global scoreboard has been added to the game. A local scoreboard is also available for offline games.

  2. [new] Added an Amiga-style graphics option with help and encouragement of Christoper Yewchuck.

  3. [new] The LRS is still present, but it's no longer necessary to pay taxes because it was so easy to work around in the original game.

  4. [new] Washing at a fountain can clean negative weapon or armor class.

  5. [balance] 'Smart' monsters in a closed room never moved. Now they follow player movement, except for demons, who stand guard to protect the Eye of Larn and potion of cure Dianthroritis.

  6. [balance] Players could donate or 'just pray' their way into unreasonable WC/AC gains. Now altars will randomly crumble to dust.

  7. [balance] The list of things the player can wield is considerably shorter.

  8. [balance] The chest and book at the store decline in quality as difficulty goes up.

  9. [balance] The scroll of Stealth was much too powerful. Now there is a chance a monster will notice when the player passes too closely. Affects difficulty 2 and higher.

  10. [fix] It's possible to fall into a pit again. This was broken in 12.4.

  11. [fix] The last hit monster would chase the player from across the maze after teleporting away. This bug could also cause other monsters to become 'possessed' and move very erratically in rare situations.

  12. [fix] Leather and stainless plate armor could be dulled when used as a weapon against rusting monsters. Thanks to Will Oprisko for finding this one.

  13. [fix] Half-speed monsters (Hobgoblins, Ice Monsters, etc) didn't move properly when the player was running.

  14. [fix] After casting Stop Time, monsters would still chase the player when running.

  15. [un-fix] The history lesson from the College of Larn says that the Eye of Larn is protected by a Platinum Dragon, which wasn't the case in the original version of Larn. I changed it to be true for a while, but it unbalanced the game too much. For anyone who died at the hands of a Platinum Dragon while questing for the Eye, I'm sorry.

Larn 12.4.4

Joe Neff found a bug where known spells weren't being saved correctly. Fixed.

Larn 12.4.3

Win32 only. Depends on PDCurses. Name entered at character creation is now used for scoreboard. Keypad + Shift run supported. All chars used for numerics in codebasw are now ints. Basic work converting to stdlib + curses instead of the awkward terminal hacks. Very much a work in progress.

Larn 12.4

ANSIfication, ported to Curses, arrow key support, message system fix, game over confirmation prompt, removal of platform-specific cruft, removal of most options, name/sex prompt, ...

Larn 12.3.1

Prompted by Pat Ryan, fix a bug in the dropobj() code in main.c that allowed the player to drop a negative amount of gold. In the process, fix the backwards carriage return logic when printing the error response. Document the new SIG_RETURNS_INT #define introduced by Bill Randle when the software was posted. Prompted by Lasse Oestergaard, guard against out-of-bound array references in movem.c when on the Home level. Also fixed a bug where a 'smart' monster would fail to move towards the player when the player was on the boundary. Prompted by Mitch Gorman, make the EXTRA #define compile and work under MS-DOS.

Larn 12.3 - SPOILER ALERT!

  1. The player's position is now marked with an ampersand, instead of just with the cursor.

  2. The 'G' command ("give the stairs a kick") has been removed. Since you can tell the stairs apart (as opposed to the original Larn 12.0), this command doesn't make sense anymore.

  3. The 'V' command has been removed and its information incorporated into the 'v' command.

  4. An idea from Ultra-Larn: when the player enters the 5th level branch of the bank after teleporting, the '?' in the level display is changed to a '5'.

  5. Larn -? can be used to print command line arguments.

  6. The player is no longer positioned near the shaft of the volcano when climbing down to the first volcano level.

  7. A couple of pauses were eliminated, making some actions very fast now.

  8. The player can no longer escape punishment by donating more gold then he possesses when praying at the altar.

  9. When performing an action and doing an inventory list, a character typed at the "press space for more" prompt is taken as the inventory item to select. That is, if you say 'q' for quaff, '*' to see all the potions you can quaff, Larn used to require that you type a space before you could select a potion, causing the list to disappear. You can now select an item in the list while the list is displayed. You can also use Escape and Return in place of a space.

  10. The spells/potions/scrolls inventory ('I' command) are now sorted.

  11. The '/' command has been added, to allow the user to identify objects. You can choose to either type a character or move the cursor around to select a character to identify (a la Hack). The only limitation is that characters that have several objects (weapons, gems, dragons, etc) display all the matching object names.

  12. The potion of gold detection has been changed into the potion of object detection. It will find scrolls, books, potions, weapons, armor, and artifacts. If you have an old savefile, all gold detection potions get turned into object detection potions.

  13. It is now possible to find rings of cleverness in the dungeon.

  14. It is now possible for killed monsters to drop splint mail, battle axes, cookies, and rings of cleverness.

  15. Source cleanup, reduction in the size of the executable and the memory required, performance improvements.

  16. Fix problems with positioning the player when entering or leaving the dungeon. You will no longer find yourself on the opposite side of the town level when leaving the dungeon. You will no longer be able to enter the dungeon on top of a monster.

  17. Prevented monsters from moving into the dungeon entrance, causing them to be destroyed when the player exits the dungeon. The top dungeon level now has the dungeon entrance character where there used to be a space.

  18. If you are standing on a chest and try and open it, you will no longer pick it up immediately if you have auto-pickup on.

  19. Added the capability to add comments to the options file.

  20. Fixed the bug where a missing options file prevented anything from being displayed.

  21. There is now a visible repeat count when greater than 10 (a la Hack). You can also edit the repeat count.

  22. The 'm' command has been added to move onto an object without picking it up (a la Hack).

  23. Fixed a problem where the a) item in the inventory couldn't be dulled.

  24. Allow a space between '-o' and the option filename.

  25. Fix possible errors when looking at the inventory.

  26. Prevent the player from changing levels into a level from the maze file with a space that had no means of exit.

Larn 12.2 - SPOILER ALERT!

  1. Add messages to improve feedback to the user.

  2. Improved screen drawing performance again.

  3. Flying monsters (bats, floating eyes) are no longer affected by traps.

  4. Added HACK-like objects, with 'original-objects' option.

  5. Added 'bold-objects' option.

  6. Fixed a bug where the game would apparently 'hang' for a long period of time, especially just after killing a monster with a missile spell.

  7. Prevented invulnerability when doing VPR on a throne or altar.

  8. Scrolls of pulverization now have the same affect when directed against an altar or fountain as they did directed against a throne. VPR spell cause a waterlord to appear when used near a fountain.

  9. Added the '@' command and 'auto-pickup' option.

  10. Added 'prompt-on-objects' option.

  11. Improved monster movement performance again.

  12. You can now weild '-' to unweild your weapon.

  13. Waterlords can now be found in the dungeon, not just when washing at a fountain.

  14. The Eye of Larn can now be sold in the Trading Post.

  15. Spells can now bounce off mirrors at an angle.

Larn 12.1 - SPOILER ALERT!

  1. When drinking at a fountain, "improved sight" caused the "see invisible" potion to be known by the player. The player must now identify the potion in the usual manner.

  2. Falling through a pit told you the damage you received, but falling through a trap door did not. Made trap doors act the same as pits.

  3. If you dropped a ring of dexterity/strength/cleverness that had been dulled to a negative amount, the corresponding stat was permanently increased. No longer.

  4. The potion of monster location would show invisible monsters as the floor character on new levels. Now prevented.

  5. Selling all your gems at the bank could destroy items in your inventory.

  6. Monster creation was being allowed on closed doors. This was particularly a problem with treasure rooms, since it meant that a monster much too powerful for the player to handle was loose in the maze. Monsters cannot now be created on closed doors.

  7. When entering a number (when entering gold amounts) you could not use the backspace key to delete digits. Fixed.

  8. To make it more convenient when selling items in the Larn Trading Post, a display of those items in the players inventory that can be sold has been added.

  9. Performance of the display has been improved slightly.

  10. Monster movement has been improved for large numbers of monsters. It is somewhat better on PC's, even with aggravation.

  11. I have added new mazes to LARN.MAZ.

  12. A Rogue-like command mode has been added, and is the default. The version 12.0 prompting mode has been preserved for those who like it, accessible via a command line option. Command letters have been added to provide the ability to perform all the same actions as the prompt mode. The help file and command line help have been updated. When in command mode, the player will automatically pick up objects, and can read, quaff, eat, look at, and pick up objects that you are standing on.

    In order to implement the new commands, the A and D commands from version 12.0 have been changed. They are now ^A and I. For consistancy, to see the list of known spells at the spell prompt, 'I' also shows all known spells.