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Keycloak privacyIDEA provider

This provider allows you to use privacyIDEA's 2FA with Keycloak.


  • Check our latest releases
  • Download the assets privacyIDEA.jar and privacyIDEA.ftl


  • Move the packed jar file into your deployment directory.
  • Copy the template privacyIDEA.ftl to themes/base/login.

Now you can enable the execution for your auth flow.
If you set the execution as 'required', every user needs to login with a second factor.


You can find different preferences in your configuration, which are explained below.

Configuration Explanation
URL The URL of your privacyIDEA server, which must be reachable from the keycloak server
Realm This is the realm, where the users are located in. Leave empty to use the privacyIDEA default realm
Verify SSL You can choose if Keycloak should verify the ssl certificate from privacyIDEA. Please do not uncheck this in a productive environment!
Enable trigger challenge Select if trigger challenge is enabled
Service account The username of your service account to trigger challenges, enroll tokens or check if push tokens are confirmed. Please make sure, that the service account has the correct rights.
Service account password The password of your service account
Exclude groups You can exclude groups from 2FA
Enable token enrollment If the current user does not have a token yet, it can be enrolled. The service account has to be set up
Token type Select the token type for the token enrollment
Refresh interval for push tokens Choose your custom interval in seconds to check if the push token is confirmed. This can be a comma separated list, if you want to change the interval

Manual build with source code

You can also build the provider yourself.
Notice: This is not a stable release. Do not use it in a productive environment.

  • We used the demo server to build our plugin.
  • Clone this repo to keycloak-demo-4.3.0.Final/examples/providers
  • Build this provider with mvn clean install wildfly:deploy
  • Pack the content of target/classes to privacyidea.jar

Go on with Installation.

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