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PrizmCore - the heart of the PRIZM Project.

PRIZM Whitepaper (en, ru, zh, el, id, tr)

PrizmCore wallet download (v. Windows, OS/X, Linux)

PrizmCore Mirror (v. Windows, OS/X, Linux)

PrizmCore_Mod (v.1.2_final: All operating systems)

This is Android Application

User friendly Online Wallet (Mirror)

User friendly Online Wallet v 1.3

Client downloads for Windows and OS/X

Easy API gateway PrizmAPIServlet 1.10.4

Blockchain explorer Web Prizm Core

Prizm ParaMining calculator

Prizm TOOL visualizer

Java 8 for PrizmCore (u221 All operating systems)

Official blockchain snapshot. Height:2347552 | 5.01.23 .torrent and .zip

Attention! We don't include in current repository for security reasons and for preventing creating forks by anyone. This file will be published later.