no dealloc in iphone SDK 5.1 #50

sivansethu opened this Issue May 18, 2012 · 1 comment

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I have verified with allocation profille in xcode 4.2.3 and found that object created through wax lua did not get cleared even after wax gc cleared those object. How to fix this issue



Something goes wrong, so I gave up the NSTimer GC and manage the memory by myself.
Delete [wax_gc start] and [wax_gc stop]; in wax.m
Delete [instanceUserdata->instance retain];
if (!isClass) {//[instanceUserdata->instance retain];} in wax_instance.m in method wax_instance_userdata *wax_instance_create(lua_State *L, id instance, BOOL isClass) and
// [instanceUserdata->instance release]; in method static int __gc(lua_State *L)

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